«We find and negotiate good comprehensive solutions with focus on good commercial terms, flexibilty, well-being and efficiency.»

Tenant advisory

With over 30 years experience of acting as an advisor for tenants, we have the insight and experience for us to assist you with all the questions you may have around your real estate situation.

We act as the tenant´s advisor for both small and large companies, private and public. We have solved some of the largest and most complicated challenges in the country. Our goal is to achieve a good total solution with the best commercial terms and flexibility, as well as custom tailored qualities and workplace solutions for our clients.

Office space as a strategic tool

We think that your office space can be a strategic tool for your company to reach it´s desired goals. We know how technology and digital tools can help you make better decisions about a more efficient weekday and interactions. Because of this we are especially interested in finding the most innovative solutions that meets your companies unique when it comes down to workplace design, flexilbity and usage.

The efficiency and well-being increases considerably when you design the workplace right.

Some of our clients