«Trend report! How will changes in shopping habits and new technology affect and change Retail?»

A look at the future for Nordic shopping centres

Study the trends that are affecting the market…

There are massive global trends forcing shopping centres to redefine themselves and the role they play for their customers. Shopping centres are no longer just about shopping but about experiences, and are becoming social and cultural arenas.


Shopping centres have traditionally been defined as “one more building that constitute a Collection of shops and cafes connecnted by common areas that take the customer from shop to shop”.


In reality shopping centres in the past 50 years have played a much wider role, particularily outside the main cities. They have become the heart of local communities around the country. They have become Meeting Places for young and old. They have not least been corenstones for our retail economy.


In spite of this shopping centres today stand at a Critical turning point, and this does not just relate to the exponential growth in internet trading.


The trends that affect the development of shopping centres focus on four main themes: demography, urbanisation, sustainability and technology.


These trends are playing out globally, and mean that those who own and develop shopping centres must think in new ways to remain relevant for consumers and thereby secure Growth and a sustainable position.


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